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Request help using our Problem Tracking System

Product Feature Comparison

WebTrends and Virtual WebTrends



WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

32 bit Windows 95/NT application

Fastest performance available; supports long filenames.

C++ application, 64-bit variables

Allows analysis of log files over 4 Gbytes; optimizes performance.

Automatically detects Web servers and identifies log file format

Detects the Web server and the type of log files, and adds them to the system for immediate reporting. Recognizes over 30 log file formats; no configuration required.

NT administration features

Runs as an NT Service, permits security access for remote reports.

Advanced cookie processing

Processes cookie information from your log files for maximum accuracy of user session reporting. Plug-in lets you issue cookies.



WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

Real-time analysis

Analyzes log files in real-time as data is added -- as a standard application, WinNT service, or W Win95 background application.

Fastest log analysis available -- 15 - 28 MB/minute

Analyzes over a 4 Gbytes log file (40 million hits a day) in less than an hour.

FastTrendsTM caching database

Stores only the analysis results in a database (unlike log analyzers which import the log file into a database) so subsequent analysis of the same data takes seconds - never analyze the same data twice!

One-pass analysis

Not needing to import logs into a database makes the analysis very fast.

Tracks user sessions for all applicable tables and graphs

Tracks user sessions for Page Requests, File Downloads, Scripts Executed, Cities, etc. Others omit user session data from many reports.

Supports multiple domain servers

Automatically recognizes multiple domains and produces reports for each one.

Supports server clusters

Creates one report for multiple servers that create multiple log files.

HTTP proxy support

Retrieves log files and HTML document titles through a proxy server.

Automatically retrieves remote log files from HTTP or FTP servers

Uses FTP or HTTP protocols to retrieve log file information and analyze the data locally for servers at remote sites or servers you do not have local drive access. User name and password can be specified for enhanced security.

Log File Management


WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

On-the-fly ZIP and GZIP decompression

Identifies compressed log files and will decompress them automatically before the analysis starts.

Color-coded log file viewer

Lets you see the log file - even huge ones, search for text, and print all or portions of your log files to access specific information. Color-coded WYSIWYG reports are easy to create and understand.

Manages multiple log files across multiple Web servers

You define the number of entries and create a report on different log files, with each having its own set of reporting options.

max 20

Analyzes and reports on proxy servers

Consistently updated with the latest technology.

Supports IIS FTP servers

Analyzes and reports log files created by Microsoft IIS FTP Server.

Supports cycling log files

Automatically recognizes cycling files and allows you to report on them as if they were one continuous log file.

HTTP byte-range support for virtual/hosted web sites

Transfers only the new information (the delta), instead of downloading the entire file again.

FTP URL browsing

Easily locates log files on any FTP server with the built-in browsing client.

ISAPI plug-in for Microsoft IIS and NSAPI plug-in for Netscape extended log files

Allows your IIS or Netscape Web server to log additional information about the referrer and agent of the visitor.

Supports Cold Fusion, extended IIS, and Web Site log file formats

Analyzes and reports on Cold Fusion and O'Reilly Web Site log files, and logs enhanced/extended u sing IIS plug-ins.

Supports log files stored in ODBC

Reads and analyzes log files stored in ODBC-compliant database.



WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

Remote Reporting Server

Built-in Web server can bind to any IP address to allow users to connect remotely and create reports from any browser.

Real-time reporting

Creates reports in real-time when using real-time analysis feature.

U.S. or International point of view

Define your point of view as any country; refer to other countries' visitors as 'international' users, reports show your country's info.

Over 60 tables and graphs

More than any other log analyzer tool.

Creates reports for virtual web servers

Creates individual or summary reports for multiple domains, virtual servers and Web Server Directory hosting.

Predefined reports

Reports contain tables and graphs relevant to different users, from comprehensive summary to billing, marketing, technical, etc.



Custom report template editor

Creates new templates with only the graphs and tables you want.

Memorize reports

Creates sophisticated and complex reports; memorize them for future reference, automatic scheduling and recurring reports.

Right to publish reports

Make your reports available online or send them as a service to your users. No restrictions or limitations apply.

Reports in multiple languages

English, French, German, Spanish, or Japanese.

Create trend reports

Create reports for minutes, hours, days, months, or even years.

Versatile filtering options

Filter to include or exclude user address information, etc.

1 filter to exclude

Multiple filters per report

Include multiple include or exclude filters in each profile.

Microsoft Office 95/97 Word and Excel reports

Produces professional-looking reports with graphs, tables, index, and more, in these popular word processor or spreadsheet formats

ASCII and comma-delimited text reports

Create reports in ASCII text for text browsers or emails. Allows you to import the output of the report to any database application

E-mail reports; SMTP and MAPI mail support

Allows you to deliver text and graphic files (MS Word or Excel, ASCII text or comma-delimited reports) via email.

HTML reports

Create reports as HTML files and save to a server, where they can be viewed as soon as they are created.

Identifies installed browsers

Automatically locates and launches your browser.

Automatically saves reports to local drives or FTP servers

Your completed report can be automatically uploaded to an FTP server and saved to a specific directory.



WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

Built-in Scheduler

Lets you automate regular reports.

Intranet Configuration & Management

Easily upload your organization data, and then run reports on individuals, groups and/or departments linked to your Intranet.

Ad views

Defines and automatically reports on specific advertising graphics files viewed by visitors to your Web servers.

Ad clicks

Defines and reports on scripts and files that are executed when a specific advertisement is clicked by visitors to your Web servers.

Multi-threaded reverse DNS lookup

Resolves hundreds of IP addresses to domain names in minutes, even on slow connections. Includes company data in your reports.

DNS lookup caching

Remembers IP addresses and domain names for faster reporting and analysis.

Domain name database

Translates URLs into company names and locations, so you can see your site visitors' organizations, cities, states, and countries.

Good Reasons to Buy


WT 4.5

Virtual WT 3.5

Over 15 industry awards

PCWeek Technical Excellence Award, Internet World Best of Test, Best of LAN Times , Network Computing Best Value, PC Magazine Product of the Week, pcuser Gold Award, and many more.

On-line registration

Simple, easy, no cards to fill out.

Award-winning documentation

200-page printed manual; also available in Adobe Acrobat format.

*pdf only

Free technical support and extensive online help

By phone, e-mail or from our Web server. All documentation is also available through on-line help.




Annual subscription

Gives the user all the upgrades for one year.


Money back guarantee



Commitment to ongoing development

As the leader in Web analysis software, WebTrends Corporation is committed to continually improving WebTrends. We welcome your feedback.


Analog Log Analysis

Getstats Log Analysis

HTTP-Analyze Log Analysis

Server Add-ons

Configuring Server Logs

Rotating Server Logs

Scheduled Log Maintenance with Cron


Web Site Stats: Tracking Hits and Analyzing Web Traffic
Web Site Stats: Tracking Hits and Analyzing Web Traffic


The Web Traffic Bible: Master Strategies for Creating a Traffic JAM on Your Website
The Web Traffic Bible: Master Strategies for Creating a Traffic JAM on Your Website

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