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Serving Real Media

Once you have successfully installed and tested your RealServer, you are ready to serve Real media content from your web site.
  1. Upload your encoded Real media files (files with the .rm and .ra extensions) to the following directory:


    This directory is the "BasePath" where RealServer looks for Real media files. You can change this by modifying your RealServer server.cfg file. Be sure to FTP any Real media files in BINARY mode (not ASCII mode).

  2. Use a text editor to create a metafile containing a RealAudio or RealVideo URL. The contents of your file should look similar to the following:


    Change YOUR-DOMAIN.COM to the domain name of your Virtual Server and MEDIAFILE to the name of the Real media file you uploaded to your content directory in the previous step.

  3. Save the above metafile as a text file with the .ram extension (e.g. mediafile.ram). Upload the metafile to your Virtual Server in ASCII mode. Metafiles should be saved in your ~/www/htdocs directory hierarchy.

  4. Finally, reference the metafile as a hyperlink in your HTML document. For example:

    <a href="mediafile.ram"> 
    <a href="support/media/sampleaudio.ram">   

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