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vcpan - Perl5 Module Installation Utility

If you require a Perl5 Module that is not included in the Perl5 Standard Libraries or a vinstall package, you may be able use the vcpan utility to install it.

The vcpan utility is a wrapper around the perl5 -MCPAN -e shell command that automates module download and installation.

To launch vcpan into interactive mode, connect to your server via Telnet/SSH and run the following command.
    % vcpan
    NOTE: If you receive an "out of memory" error while running vcpan, you may temporarily extend your memory limits by invoking the unlimit command (also available on certain shells as ulimit):

      % unlimit
      % vcpan
To access the vcpan online help, do this:
    % vcpan -h

Installing your own Perl Modules

Installing mod_perl Apache Module

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