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Graphical Counter Digit Sets

To use any of the digit sets listed below, set the $digit_path, $digit_width, and $digit_height variables as indicated. You will find the declaration of the $img_path, $digit_width, and $digit_height variables in the cgi on lines 9-11.

If you find a digit set that you would like to use, it is a very simple procedure to configure the cgi to use your preferred images. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make a directory in the "/images/digits" directory called somename.
  2. Place the 10 images, "0.gif", "1.gif", "2.gif", etc., in the new directory, somename.
  3. Set the $digit_path, $digit_width, and $digit_height variable appropriately. These variables are defined on lines 9-11 in the cgi.

The definitive site for graphical digit sets is Digit Mania (link known to be valid as of December 13, 1997). Have a look at the hundreds (literally) of digit sets available.

Digit Set: Default
$digit_path = "/images/digits/default/"
$digit_width = 15
$digit_height = 20


Digit Set: Blue Calligraphy
$digit_path = "/images/digits/bluecali/"
$digit_width = 24
$digit_height = 24

Digit Set: Chinese Odometer
$digit_path = "/images/digits/codo/"
$digit_width = 15
$digit_height = 20


Digit Set: Garamond
$digit_path = "/images/digits/garamond/"
$digit_width = 15
$digit_height = 27


Digit Set: Marble
$digit_path = "/images/digits/marble/"
$digit_width = 20
$digit_height = 25


Digit Set: Black Odometer
$digit_path = "/images/digits/blackodo/"
$digit_width = 24
$digit_height = 28

Digit Set: White Odometer
$digit_path = "/images/digits/whiteodo/"
$digit_width = 24
$digit_height = 28

Digit Set: Real Abacus
$digit_path = "/images/digits/abacus/"
$digit_width = 16
$digit_height = 91
$left_image = "left.gif"
$right_image = "right.gif"

Digit Set: Scoreboard Green Small
$digit_path = "/images/digits/sbgs/"
$digit_width = 12
$digit_height = 15


Digit Set: Scoreboard White Medium
$digit_path = "/images/digits/sbwm/"
$digit_width = 15
$digit_height = 20



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